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       asos photoshoot

A Photo-story for ASOS Magazine, based around gender neutrality. A photo- story is a format where the content of each individual image is amplified by the relationship with all the images in the sequence. Keeping this in mind  I wanted to show a smooth transition from each image. 


For this shoot, my main influence was streetwear and skateboarding culture. I found skateboarding to be male-dominated, and I wanted to explore how I could make this more gender neutral whilst remaining true to the sport.


I was also inspired by Molly Goddards over the top dresses and how this could conceal identity. 


This made me look at the idea of creating a shoot contrasting an urban setting with over glamorised dresses concealing the identity. 

In post-production, I decided to layer photo onto textures and graffiti as we felt it fitted with ASOS’s brand image well and was visually striking. 



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