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canteen zine

Canteen zine is a publication created in response to a brief set by Intern magazine and Raw Print. The brief was to produce a peer-to-peer publication for NTU centred around Mental Health & Wellbeing. The publication needed reduce stigma and develop self-care strategies as well as providing essential nudging techniques to achieve a happier and healthier students.

The key insights from our research was that the: 

- Loneliness epidemic is a prominent issue students face

- Not enough preventative support within the university

- A need for a non-drinking social alternative for students

- Creativity aids positive mental health

- Social eating connects communities and improve general wellbeing

From our insights we created Canteen a community led magazine showcasing the work from our weekly workshops.


Born from the need for community, Canteen responds to a growing number of students who are struggling with loneliness as a result of not knowing their place within the university setting.

Canteen encourages positive mental health through art and food. Art is an act of cathartics and social eating works as an icebreaker/friendship starter. Whether you are looking for a non drinking university alternative, don’t fancy yourself as a sport star, struggle to make friends or simply feel lonely Canteen is the place for you. With weekly community events focused around feel good topics we offer a light hearted and inclusive space. With our termly zine there is plenty of opportunities for your creative responses to be published, so come and join us to EAT AND CREATE.

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