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Pigeon feeder is a publication produced for my outcome coinciding with my final year University report.

Pigeon Feeder creates the opportunity to discover overlooked places in Stockport, which bring people joy through the media of print. Pigeon Feeder aims to create a new image and steer away from negative stereotypes, associated with Stockport. The Zine sheds light on the satellite town by focusing on the community involved, giving a voice to people who live there.


Reflecting on my research, it became clear that despite Stockport being highly influential and being home for many creative talents, there was a lack of representation for them. Preston, Rochdale and central Manchester all have Zines so why not Stockport? Therefore Pigeon Feeder was created to fill this gap, allowing a voice that represents Stockport and so that the people in the community feel proud to say they are from there, once again.

The first issue of Pigeon Feeder explores ‘The Tipperary’ a Working Mens Club in North Reddish. I chose to base the first issue around my local Working mens club. This is because they were a huge part of life for Working Class communities and still play a significant role today.

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