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skinny dip film

  The Creative Concept:


A film that sheds light on the artistry and talent of the drag community, whilst educating the SkinnyDip consumer further. showing paradise isn't just a destination but a state of mind.

A 1-minute fashion film accompanied by a full interview, produced in collaboration with SkinnyDip, referencing the 1993 film Carlito’s way and SkinnyDip travel range. I took key themes from the film, Duality, and paradise, and played on this with the concept of travel being a journey and how this could be portrayed through the use of duality.


This led me to the concept of drag artistry and how their transformation is an exploration of duality.


The use of camera angles and lighting are also nods to the film. This was shot and edited by myself and my team then presented to SkinnyDip in a presentation accompanied by a marketing plan.











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