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brand zine

A brand zine created in collaboration with the brand TSPTR. Referencing the brand, I took the key themes of nostalgia and protest. From these themes I came to look at the question is history repeating itself? And if so can this be explored through the mother and daughter relationship.


I created this aspect of nostalgia through recreating old photos of our mothers, and interviewing them regarding arts, politics and feminism as well as using my own thoughts to explore the question; is fashion repeating itself? From our feedback, we found that using a personal perspective made our consumer connect with the zine relating to the mother and daughter.


I noticed a lot of commonalities within the mother-daughter answers from our interviews, And I decided that these similarities and differences went alongside the images nicely. so a separate interview book was born.


For the design of the zine, I decided to use a school exercise book as inspiration as it reinforces this aspect of nostalgia without taking away from the contents inside.

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